Treat Your Dog To a Spa Day

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Over 60lbs$55
Includes a bath with our dirty dog shampoo, blow dry with the high velocity dryer, nail trim/file and ear cleaning, and a feet/face/fanny trim. Finished with a spritz of doggie cologne and a bow/bandana.
Over 60lbs$75
Includes everything from a BATH including a haircut.
DESHED (Short fur)$10A bath with our short double coat shampoo, formulated to loosen undercoat, exfoliate and reduce shedding. Two brush outs, and a blow out with the high velocity dryer. For dogs with two layers of short fur (ex. Labs, Pugs, Beagles, Frenchies)
DESHED (Long fur)$15A bath with our thick double coat shampoo. Formulated to penetrate thick coats, loosen the undercoat and reduce shedding. Two brush outs, and a blow out with the high velocity dryer. For dogs with short undercoats and long overcoats (ex. Aussies, Poms, Huskies, GSDs)
FLEA SOAK$5A bath with our organic flea and tick shampoo. 100% all natural, kills fleas, ticks, and repels mosquitos. This gentle shampoo won’t dry skin and leaves your dog smelling fresh.
FACIAL$5A foaming tearless facial to freshen up your dogs face. This gentle soap is infused with cucumber and melon and comes with a gentle massage your pooch will surely enjoy.
Anti-Itch Shampoo$5This oatmeal treatment sits on your dog for 10 minutes. Soap, Paraben and Dye free! Restores moisture and promotes healing. Helps heal common problems such as, flaking, hot spots, dandruff, flea bite dermatitis, and seborrhea.
Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo$5A deep cleansing shampoo used to open and flush out the hair follicle to promote healing. For conditions associated with demodectic mange, seborrhea dermatitis and canine acne.
Additional ServicesAvailable upon request, eye rinse, ear rinse.

Your dog will love us

Prices shown are for well maintained coats on dogs/puppies on a 4-6 week grooming schedule. Final pricing is determined by size, coat condition, and temperament. If the coat is severely matted the dog will unfortunately be shaved.

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Online bookings require a $15 deposit to be paid at time of booking. If deposit is not paid we do not guarantee your dogs appointment.

Please pay the deposit below and then use the calendar form to complete your appointment. You may also call (561) 703-5120 to request a different date

(Deposits are non-refundable, deposit price of $15 will be credited towards your groom at checkout)

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